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  • Kudos Infinite Bowed Slider
  • Kudos Infinite Curved Slider - Peninsula
  • Kudos infinite Straight Hinged
  • Kudos Infinite Bowed Sliding recessed
  • Kudos Infinite1500 Straight Slider
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Project Description

Kudos Infinite Collection

The stunning KUDOS infinite range offers a modern, minimalist look with many design features that improve, enhance and enrich the range, making them one of the most technically advanced showering enclosure systems available today. A choice of sliding, hinged or centre-folding doors and enclosures in sizes ranging from 760 up to 1700.

All KUDOS infinite doors have the versatility to fit in a recess, or, with the addition of one or two KUDOS enclosure panels will create two or three sided enclosures that gives a range of options to suit even the most adventurous interior designer.

This is a small selection of our collection, please contact us for more information.

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