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Project Description

Elegance Luscombe

Beautifully minimal, the Luscombe kitchen is all about the detail, where the choice of colour, and the decor and design features all contribute to the overall effect. Such simplicity creates a space that thrives on contemporary living, with modern, state-of-the-art appliances used not only for the sake of functionality, but also as a feature.

Luscombe’s versatility welcomes depth and creativity, enabling the transformation from an uncomplicated, seemingly clean design to a kitchen that is revealed as a quirky, highly individual space.

Every choice made influences the overall impact, expressing sophistication and ultimately culminating into a kitchen that is iconic to the individual who is cultivating the hub of their home.

From the Double Pencil Round moulding to the flat-fronted door styles the Luscombe’s design is simple, unassuming and effortless.

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